Here are some links to other websites I am involved in.

  1. Pinkers Spinney Barn Dance & Ceilidh Band

I work in a Barn Dance group with my wife and son. If anyone would like to book us for a fun filled event our website is found on the following link

2. Taylor’d Country

I also work in an American music Country and Western Band. We offer a party style themed performance for events where my wife Irene calls line dances while the band plays. If anyone wishes to book us for themed events or weddings etc. our website is found on the following link

3. The Songs Of James Taylor

This is a similar website to this one (Ian Entwistle) only it specialises in James Taylor and some Carole King songs. I have created this separate website in view of the large interest from guitarists who want to learn these songs. The reason I know so much of this material is that I did a few concerts several years ago with some friends playing this stuff. We still do the concerts from time to time but not so much at the moment. So much to do!