Please contact me to arrange either a guitar or mandolin lesson.

On receipt of your purchase I will contact you to arrange a mutually agreeable time for lessons. The lessons can be at my house where I have a teaching room or via Skype/ Facetime/Zoom at the same rate. Some students I teach locally at their own house but only in The Milton Keynes area.

If possible please email saying what you’d like to learn and I’ll get in touch to arrange mutually agreeable time. Again the lessons can be in person or I can give advice on setting up a Skype or Facetime session. We can discuss if you need to record the sessions as this is very easy with the latest software.

Lesson rates are shown below. Please note the same rates apply for options A and B in person or over the internet. The discounted options C D and E are only applicable over the internet.

Here is a clip of some simple guitar playing I demonstrated to a student not so long ago. This was after the lesson had ended and I forwarded the video via Whats App as a refresher for her after she had learned the song during the lesson. Apologies for the sound level being low and my voice being high. Its a warts and all video sang in her key!

For mandolin Students here is a clip of Tennessee Waltz I shared to one of my students via Whats App. It is broken down into slow time and gets a bit faster as the video progresses. She had already learned the basics of the tune and this was just to remind her how it went. The student was had recently been taught the essence of the tune and how to hold the pick – with mainly downstrokes with only a few upstrokes to begin with. Obviously more advanced playing needs to be learned, but it is important to get the fundamental steps right first!

Typical image of a recorded skype lesson. Thank you to one of my younger students in the USA. I was teaching a James Taylor song at the time for the student to enter a competition